US Politics II To Trump or not to Trump

But this the thing. It doesn’t matter whether it’s clearly made up shit, you put it on Facebook and the feeble minded lap it up and repost it with “I didn’t know this, imagine if it was Trump” like comments. The same ones who say they don’t believe any scientist or doctor but share whatever shite Karen from Ballygofuckwiittedness posts about vaccines and her unique insight into their actual clinical agency.

People have become so resistant to any intellectual inquiry, any actual questioning of themselves that they will believe any shit that coalesces with their alleged worldview. The vast majority of people are, in short, as thick as pigshit and lazy with it. Which is why it’s impossible to have a reasoned, educated argument with anyone anymore.
Though I would propose that any forum member posting shite like this and presenting it as fact be banned from the site.


Agreed on all fronts, and all sites. Maybe suspend their internet for a month and they have to explain to their kids that Dad believes shite because he’s a numbskull and reposts it.

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Would that go for posters who make a post bemoaning the prevalence of misinformation and in the same post state that Donald Trump is a convicted rapist?

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Don’t doubt the poster, he read it on the INTERNET.

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Are you referring to this rape or the rape of his wife that she withdrew her allegation on?

I don’t like Biden but never realised he was a creep or a predator

Thats behind a paywall so I can’t read it and I would have no doubt he is a rapist but he is not a convicted rapist as you erroneously claimed in a post bemoaning the prevalence of misinformation.


Hard to believe this is soon to be the most powerful man in the World.


For context. Current most powerful man in the world.

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Tis cruel trying to put him back in there again and at this stage an absolute gift to Trump.


It’s actually elderly abuse, they should be ashamed of themselves. The man should be enjoying his retirement.

I’d agree with Horsebox, it is elder abuse whats going on. He is sadly in the throes of dementia. His wife has a lot to answer for. What will he be like in another 5 years.

Bill Clinton is gone from the job since 2001 and he’s still younger than both of them.

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Yeah but Biden is only any chance of winning to keep Trump out. Trump is actually genuinely very very popular and half the people in America love him. That’s the crazy thing.

Be great to get Bill back, but I cant see it happening

It’s himself that won’t stop and it’s near impossible for the party to take on their own sitting president.