US Politics II To Trump or not to Trump

A US politics thread without @labanned or @sidey
What could possibly go wrong?

Eh, @myboyblue starting the thread before you.

Bring back @anon7035031.


Fake news

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His cult need him now more than ever

@Rocko will need to pull up time stamps to verify. A photo start, so to speak.

Turn the other cheek. You’ll feel better

I’m not that religious

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This is @iron_mike we’re talking about. He’s referring to your arse cheek.


You dont need to be


Thats a Lol :smile:


I didn’t realise the USA was a real place. I thought it was only in films and stuff.

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Its one of them rogue states that pop up in the news from time to time

A bit like Galway


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Gutso is back @Piles_Hussain

You could post weird videos of men flogging themselves. Its happened before after all

He can’t look at the camera when the token lad is speaking.

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