US Politics. Oh yes he did. Oh no he didn't


The “Arab World” has fuck all to do with anything, mate.

You appear to be blaming the Palestinians for others not helping them.

That’s like blaming France, Germany or the US for not helping secure an Irish state before 1922 or a united Ireland since 1969.

What is the issue is that Israel has ethnically cleansed the indigenous people of Palestine since 1947 and continues to do so, with the help of the US.

You’re clearly fine with that sort of ethnic cleansing. But then, you would be, wouldn’t you, having yourself admitted that you support ethnic cleansing the other night.

Fruitcake, how are ya.



Alrighty then! I’ll have the last world.

I’m not in the slightest blaming the Palestinians, I have great sympathy for them and the way they have been treated. You are simply wrong, of course the Arab world has everything to do with the conflict. If the cunts gave a toss about their fellow Muslims they would have done what Europe did for the Jews and built them a state. Instead they chose to try and exterminate the Jews that the Nazis had missed.

Your comparison to Northern Ireland has one valid point and not the tenuous one you depicted. Every so called Irish Republican (pretend is a valid term in this case) likes to blame the Brits and the Loyalists for the Northern Ireland conflict, forgetting the role of the free state government after 1922. Instead of doing anything about the plight of nationalists in the North, they were too fucking busy setting up their Catholic state for a Catholic people, mimicking the exact thing Loyalists were doing in NI.

Republicans my arse, where were all the Irish Republicans in 1969? At fucking mass and locking up women for being unclean.

The biggest evangelical on this site is your good self mate, your brain is deluded by Marxist-Leninism, the greatest ideological scourge in terms of misery and genocide in the 20th century.


Errr the US did not support Israel in the Suez. They also gave lots of hardware, kit and infrastructure suppprt to the likes of Jordan and Egypt before the Six Day War, in sustained anti Soviet efforts. It was only after the war that the United States turned to being unquestioning supporters of the state of Israel.


To put the issue to bed of recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel for idiots like @Sidney and his pathetic lickarses @carryharry and @Watch_The_Break :

In 1995 the US congress passed a law describing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and that it should not be divided. It also stated that the US embassy would be located in Jerusalem by 1999. No US president has had the balls to enforce the law until now.

Bill Clinton in 1993 supported the principle of moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

George W Bush in 2000 “As soon as I take office I will move the US embassy to the city Israel has chosen as it’s capital”.

Barrack Obama in 2008 “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and will remain undivided”

Arguing that Jerusalem should not be recognized as the capital of Israel is about as logical as arguing Dublin should not be the capital of the ROI as the West Brit faction in D4 would prefer to be ruled from Westminster.


Additionally, despite the claims this is just one distraction.

Trump announced this ages ago.




Because all Arabs are iinterchangeable :joy:

You are a dyed in the wool racist piece of shit. You can’t even see it anymore.


Sure why not lob the Palestinians in anywhere? Why should they have any special attachment to the place their families have lived for hundreds of years? Let’s bulldoze their houses and give the land to some wannabe settlers who just landed in Tel Aviv instead. Definitely a normal way to look at the world.


Here’s yer one who wrote that article being featured on Comedy Central’s Daily Show. She’s almost as nuts as @labane1917.


As you have been told multiple times, but it cannot seem to sink into your dense head, Muslims are followers of a religion, not a race. There are literally dozens of races among the roughly 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide, including whites. Opposing an ideology that is the most misogynistic, homophobic, sexist, violent and intolerant on the earth is not racism. Resisting those that want to import said ideology into the West is not racism. Unfairly discriminating against “moderate” Muslims who have no wish to wage jihad against the West or see Sharia law the law of the land is certainly “cultural racism”. It’s simply an appalling lack of intellect on your behalf to not be able to distinguish these categories


these rent a cause types are as thick as bottled pigshite


Because the Palestinians deserve a homeland, just like the Jews did after their almost total extermination by Europeans during WWII. It is an appalling indictment of some of the richest countries in the world could not provide a homeland for their fellow Muslims.

Humans have been migrating since we left Africa over 100,000 years ago, which has led to the evolution of the current diversity of human beings on the planet today. Migration is good, it leads to mind broadening. Maybe you should try it.


Is that fucking ape still trying to argue that it’s not racist to be racist against a religion?


You are as thick as shit mate. Religion is an ideology. Is it racist to oppose Scientology as a load of dangerous bollox. How about opposing slicing off female genitals because of religion, is that racist?
Fuck off and play with your dolls.


@labane1917 appears to be on the verge of going out and shooting a load of people, judging by the tone of his posts.

Has he run out of morphine?


Yes they do. How about, say, Palestine?

This gets better. Ethnic cleansing and genocide are apparently the same thing as migration now.


That’s exactly what you’ve been doing for over two years here. Constant vile, bilious, naked hatred.

That’s exactly what Mr. Trump is doing, and you wholeheartedly support that.

You crossed the line a long, long time ago here.

You’re just lucky the admin of this forum is left-leaning and allows free speech.

Any forum with any sort of moderation at all would have had you booted out and your IP address banned long ago.


The person who most deserves to be banned from this forum is your good self for your disgusting attacks on public figures and other forum members.



Take your morphine, you nutter.