US politics - The Don v Ally McBeal.Single,Successful falling Apart

As I said if you believe the data released by the CCP then Michael’s “overwhelming” evidence must be believed. This is the same CCP who claimed there were no cases in Wuhan from January 2nd to January 21st 2020, and that there were no Covid deaths in China from March 2020 to late 2022.

It;'s sad to see you join the Xi apologists.

Believe what you want.

“Xi apologists”, would you ever get off the stage.

All those dismissing a lab leak at the WIV are Xi apologists mate, open your eyes.

It’s a serious coincidence that 2 miles from the market we are lead to believe was the origin, sits a top security lab that was working on sars / bat related diseases identical to covid 19. What are the odds?

It’s like Lou Gehrig getting Lou Gehrig’s disease… What are the chances?


Who dismissed it? Nobody in good faith has dismissed that something like that could be plausible. The fact is there is currently no evidence for it.

But again, believe what you want.

You obviously haven’t read anything I’ve written about China if you think I’m an apologist for Xi Jinping. I mean that’s laughably pathetic stuff, especially given that you are an actual apologist for American fascism and authoritarianism in general and can’t bring yourself to admit it.

This is the same lad who claimed Donald trump blew up the pipeline. You literally couldn’t etc

Do quote where I said Donald Trump blew up the pipeline, please.

You’re smoking some far out stuff today.

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  • I joined a year ago. It’s no wonder this place is an echo chamber for the asleep woke. Would be a shame to disrupt the 5 regular posters thought patterns.

56% of America is woke, mate. Wake up.

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Nice, reasonable people leading the anti-trans headbanger movement in the US.


This is like something taken straight from the Manchurian Candidate. It’s actually grimly hilarious how up front Trump is about what he is.

Saw someone comment that if they arrest him next week that will win the presidency for him. Doubt if it that’s cut and dried.

Keep sweet, pray, obey and keep your flow away.

Scenes in this reminiscent of Hamsterdam… The opioid epidemic is ripping parts of America apart.