US politics - The Don v Ally McBeal.Single,Successful falling Apart

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labane has had enough


It was safer for the protestors when he was logged in to TFK and agitating the left from behind his printer.

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I’m tellin ye lads, there’s gonna be a fucking bloodbath over there

People have a right to protect their property. It looks like protestors managed to open a gate to private property and entered en masse.

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Multiple breaches of the law here, but none by the law-abiding citizens standing on their private property while being taunted by protestors.

That’s some house

America truly is the land of opportunity.

I’d say it is bigger than Farnham in Cavan

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Breaking into private property, he should have emptied a clip into them


@anon7035031 has always shown massive levels of restraint on here. There’s no reason why he wouldn’t be the same in real life.

Why was he banned?

Martin Luther King’s dream of living in a nation where people would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, had suddenly devolved into a nation where white people were required to beg for forgiveness from self-appointed black debt collectors because a bad cop killed a black felon, high on fentanyl.

I’ve never been a big fan of current day policing, with their bloated ranks, no-knock raids, militarization at the behest of the military industrial complex, shaking down the public for government revenue, and using their unions to protect bad cops. In civilized regions of the country, the police are virtually unnecessary. But, in the Democrat run urban shitholes, where the agitators are screeching for defunding the police, cops are the only thing keeping those cities from becoming a living hell.

Two African-American kids shot, one dead and one critical, near the CHAZ / CHOP shithole in Seattle.



The worlds greatest wum

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