US politics - The Don v Ally McBeal.Single,Successful falling Apart

Totally impartial

This should be good

@Thomas_Brady falling for disinformation again.

Penalty to Rangers.

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Bobby Bobby Bobby

RFK is such a mad bastard he could out Trump Trump.

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I’d feel much safer with a Kennedy in Camelot

Vice president be important if you are electing a Kennedy


The curse has to break eventually

Only man to fight fire with fire. The Democrats dont understand why Trump is popular

Does the R in his name stand for Russia?

Chris Christie joins the race for the Republican nomination

The big fat fella?


His parents didn’t put too much thought into naming him

They had a stammer

Genius naming tbf, very memorable.

Let Christie take it! (The nomination)


This seems like it might be a somethingburger as opposed to all the preceeding nothingburgers.3Or at least a somethingslider?