Vaccine Poll (anonymous)

An anonymous poll to see what percentage of tfk is vaccinated. We’ve only one smelly pretend foreigner on the forum, so let’s see how we stack up.

Are you fully vaccinated ?

  • Yes
  • No

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Fully vaccinated means you have had a booster, anyone vaccinated prior to June is not fully vaccinated.

Yes, I didn’t want to get drawn into semantics because you know what this place is like - a three day argument unfolds… I’m awaiting my booster so I’m as vaccinated as can be until my number is called.

Best boy in the class syndrome to that post.

Voted no. Got 2 Moderna shots but turned down booster. Last Moderna shot in May. Change me to a Yes if ye want

Oddballs claiming they’re not fully vaccinated prior to being called for Third shot??

If you’ve two got your fully vaccinated.

Not for much longer you’re not.

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I don’t think that’ll remain the case for much longer. I can change it to a yes if that’s what the forum wants

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Can you change the question for the Anti Vax oddballs pls

Are you finished with it? You mention that you’ve turned down the booster, are you settled on that decision?

So currently 83% of the forum are admitting to servile nodding donkeys?


Of course that’s a bit unfair as we could have elderly and obese forum members.

Unless it’s made mandatory for travel I am.

So I suspect I’m not

Yes but you can tell Tony shove his booster up his hole

I suspect more than our fair share.

Of course tfk would have to be awkward. I’ll have to change to have you been vaccinated with or without a booster to date… But then a row will break out about left arm Vs right arm or some shit.

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So far TFK has a much higher percentage of unvaccinated than the broad population. Do we have a lot of eastern European posters?

It’s shocking… @Rocko needs to introduce covid certs or ban posters until they can produce them , @Bandage

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This poll is a clusterfuck. Can the options be changed to:

  • Unvaccinated
  • Initial Dose (Single/Double) Received and Awaiting Booster
  • Initial Dose (Single/Double) Received and Refusing Booster
  • First Booster Received

I think we can get away without options for Second, Third and Subsequent boosters for the time being.

How about you just engage with a bit of logic or fuck off for yourself. You smelly unvaxxed tinfoil cunt.


I’m as vaccinated as I can be without being ill, ancient, a nurse, or part of @Batigols team of baggage handlers. Your poll leaves a lot to be desired from a data quality perspective.