Venezuela on the verge of collapse


They did … The Limerick City council have taken to putting inflatable swans down by Limerick Castle now.


… and it is as nonsensical the second time round as the first.


That’s cause @balbec keeps waving his mickey at them


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This is wrong.

The reason why Venezuela has collapsed is because they built a society on the price of oil. Price controls, expropriations, big central government becoming the biggest employer, overly expensive welfare programs- it died with the price of oil.

The country now doesn’t now have the ability to get itself out of a hole. The economy cannot feed its people.


Venezuela sounds a lot like Scotland


Somewhat correct. Many countries are heavily dependent on oil and do just fine, Venezuela is truly the exception here. Venezuela has the highest oil reserves in the world and should be rich. The oil industry is unprofitable and has been shrinking for the past 15 years. Due entirely to Chavez firing almost the entire workforce in 2002, including all the research staff who knew anything about the oil industry. To offset the falling price of oil, the govt have been printing bolivars like crazy to continue their insane levels of spending, with the result the currency has lost 99.9% of it’s value and is essentially worthless. Their answer to inflation is price fixing, with the result their are no produce on the shelves.

It’s simply the case of one socialist buffoon being replaced by a worse one.


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You don’t call it the Balbec Swan for nothing


All their fans prior statements are great to hear.


Strangely, no comment from @Sidney and @glasagusban on their (and Corbyn’s) hero locking up his political opponents. Socialism always ends in despair.


I haven’t looked in here in the last one or two hundred posts, and when I do, there’s @labane1917 ascribing views to me again.

Never mind that you can’t keep on point when I do reply to you, you have to make up straw men even when I’m not in the conversation??? You really are a thick.


SIPTU had a guy on Morning Ireland earlier


We can add “straw man argument” to the list of terms you don’t understand.

You are a supporter of socialism on this site, therefore a valid target when socialism goes belly up (again).


The bollivar was 24:1 to the USD when President Maduro came to power in 2013, it’s now 14,000:1

Way to go socialism :clap:


another roaring success


Find a post of mine praising the man you now say is my hero.

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We can add “all context ever” to the list of things you don’t understand.

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Calm down snowflake.

Venezuela is the most recent example we have of a former capitalist country converting to socialism. You are an avowed socialist, so predictably when things go belly up as they now have, you get beaten with a big stick by those of us who favor capitalism. Take your beating and stop being a sniveling coward.