Venezuela on the verge of collapse


you are googling too much stuff at the one time, take a deep breath and slow down


He is peddling a list that was created by an amateur writer to criticise bush junior as the definitive characteristics of a fascist regime of fascism. @Sidney do you consider bush jr a fascist? The list is basically a meme used by idiots to back up their claims. It has no actual academic credibility.


he needs to slow down, his is obsessed with quantity over quality and mistakes are being made.


Bush undoubtedly had significant characteristics of one but in the round and in hindsight, looks positively statesmanlike compared to the present incumbent.

It’s an incredible “tribute” to Mr. Trump that he’s managed to make Mr. Bush look like such.

Umberto Eco was a scholar and had international academic credibility.

His 14 characteristics of fascism are quite similar to the ones in the previous link.

And again, Mr. Trump passes pretty much all the tests to be classed as a fascist.


Franky I’m not surprised. He’s going to burn himself out raging against trump. If trump last another year I’d say there’s a good chance he will have fully lost his mind.


Fucking Nazi aliens coming down here taking all of our jobs and making us build them pyramids


It’s actually tremendously enjoyable, if you take the potential for nuclear war out of the equation.

I’m being proved right on a daily basis and conservative politics and the right is being humiliated and discredited in front of the world.

It’ll all be terribly boring when it’s over.

If, by some miracle Trump gets to 2020, that’ll be his best chance of re-election - his manifesto might as well be “yes, I’m the worst president in history, a fascist, a Nazi apologist, deeply corrupt, in hock to the Russians and could easily start a nuclear war, but if I lose, you’ll lose all this entertainment I’ve given you”.

And you couldn’t rule out that it would sway the highly sophisticated US electorate.


Well done you. :rollseyes: Trump is an incompetant idiot and a disaster of a president. Who’d have thought it! Do you think you were ahead of the curve on this one or something?




And yet the socialists are spending their time moaning about a first world country they won’t go to. Mad.


I’m not sure @Tim_Riggins quite gets the irony of what he’s just written, but self awareness was never his strong point. :grin:


In a remarkable accomplishment, there is now a gasoline shortage in the country with the highest oil reserves in the world.
Socialism :joy::clap:


People are starving in Venezuela but socialism is all good, Trump is the biggest problem on this planet because he says mean things.


Socialism :zipper_mouth_face:


They keep sending their women here though :heart_eyes:


What’s more is that they’re gonna peg their currency to a crypto currency of some sort. What could possibly go wrong :thinking:




PRESIDENT MICHAEL D Higgins has led tributes to the Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez who died yesterday following a two-year battle with cancer.

The 58-year-old passed yesterday, ending 14 years of his rule with an outpouring of grief on the streets of Caracas as seven days of national mourning for the leftist leader were declared in the country.

Higgins said that he was “very sorry” to hear of the death of the divisive and larger-than-life president following his long illness, praising some of his achievements in office.

“President Chavez achieved a great deal during his term in office, particularly in the area of social development and poverty reduction,” Higgins said.

“I extend my sincere condolences to the family of President Chavez on their great loss. My thoughts and best wishes are also with the people of Venezuela as they come to terms with this sad news.”