Versus Agger's Angels 16/5/07

Massive match this. They are two points clear of us on top (I think - table doesn’t seem to be updated for our last victory on the website).

Bandage still in goal yeah?

Watched these guys play at 7pm one night while waiting for our game to start at 8pm.

They only had 6 that night so they’d nobody to bring on and went from 5-2 up at half time to losing 11-9. This was against UBS Titans, the side we drew 4-4 with in the first game.

The thing I took from watching them was that they had a few tidy footballers. They had 2 lads in particular that were fond of the step over and drag back but they weren’t all that physical. Not saying we have to go in and batter them but if we play with a decent tempo, put them under pressure (without diving in rashly and allowing their couple of skillful players to skip past us) and play our own passing game (that’s been improving each week and especially with the new formation) then we should be well capable of beating them.

Tinnion you’re in - Clarkey’s out.

Lost 6-4 to a good side tonight in a top of the table clash.

Missed the injured clarkeycat and Jugs and the 2 unavailable lads also.

Not a fatal blow to our title hopes yet but they did deal us a signnificant blow.

Back to the drawing board.

Match report on the front page now.