Versus Davy - Who'll throw or Land the first Dig?

I’m going with Mullane. I’d even cash in my prize bonds just to see the dwarf from the banner and the albino mad man from the Decies go at it. Guaranteed Dog Fight.

After Mullane, it must be a Langer so, Donal Og; Handbags hanging off the crosser?

There must be a target from the sidelines; would love it to be Cody, but I can definately see Ger L give his former pup a clatter that would send him yelping into the tunnel.

I just love the summer, don’t you?

Will definitely add a bit of spice to things alright.

I’m going to go for a random supporter hoping over the hoardings and clocking him one after he turns to the opposition crowd and starts doing a semi-pirouette jig turning into a half set following a Waterford score.

I’ll go for Fr Cornelius Horan.

“The Runt” For fook sake.

flano stick to sci fi will you…

back to topic…i have a feeling it could well be a member of the waterford full back line like kearney or feeney because davy is going to absolutely dog them in training for the first few weeks to see can he get them going…just thinking about it now i feel sorry for them…

[FONT=Verdana]Puke, stick to the sheep will you.[/FONT]

your mother on all fours with her grey/white bush is the the closest i get to a sheep…

Take it to the talking balls lads…

Whats up??

Ask my arse Mac!

Have I done something bad?? :slight_smile:

And why the fcuk does it say Jamie Redknapp under my name??? :eek:

[quote=“The Runt”]Have I done something bad?? :slight_smile:

And why the fcuk does it say Jamie Redknapp under my name??? :eek:[/quote]
You’ll get to know Flano and Shermin, Runt.

Redknapp is your Punter value. More posts you have the better the punter.

Must change the punter orders again - they could do with a refresh now and again. Must have been deluded the last time I did them because I left Bobby George as top man which is ridiculous. Ted Walsh will always be king pundit to me.

I think they’re all wankers

Bobby George. The King of Darts. Of course Bristow, proper legend, mugged him off and made a fool of him in the League of legends two weeks ago.

Agreed these AFR lads are no value at all!

Spot the leprechaun!


Spot the leprechaun![/quote]

Is that a tattoo on Dan’s face?

I think Dan is the only one listening to Davy. Notice everyone to the left and behind the leprechaun is looking away. I think there’ll be a players meeting by the end of the week where they’ll force Davy to “resign” after his great 7 years…sorry, days, of service to Waterford hurling.


No player meetings in that camp going forward. It’ll be


The next team building trip will be to Mount Mell. Hope Eoin remembers to bring his prayer book instead of his passport<#EMO_DIR#>/tongue.gif

When’s their next game anyway? (need to clear the diary!)