Versus Digi-Beat Ya, 11/04/07

When people get into work on Tuesday after the long weekend we need to discuss some tactical issues here arising out of first competitive game. hi5

One thing that I wouldn’t mind discussing is the way the oppo stuck a man right into our box when they were pushing on for an equaliser the other night. With no offside rule in play they were entitled to do so and we had a man back there man-marking him.

Just wondering if we should have stood a few yards in front of him rather than behind him. What do you think? Standing behind him means we’re very deep and almost camped out in our box. Playing him from the front forces their players to play the perfectly floated and weighted ball over our defender. Maybe I should have been on the edge of the box beside him? I don’t really know.

Any opinions? 8)

Very true Bandage. I think in all 5-a-side or 6-a-side games the keeper has an important role as sweeper-keeper too.

My assessment of tactics from Wednesday is that a 2-2-1 is what is required with the 2 and 2 sticking with whoever runs from deep. The 1 should only track back if the opposition’s whole defence goes up. Our biggest downfall against UBabaldcnutand imgonnakickyainthenextgame was that whenever we had a man on the ball he never had more than one option, and generally it was a long ball. We should be making triangles. Neat snappy 1-2s and two and three touch passing. hi5