Versus Endesa Ireland

A couple of late withdrawals resulted in TFK taking to the field with the bare minimum 6 tonight and no substitutes available.

Rocko settled the nerves early on with a magnificently taken early goal after a quick exchange with Monkey Allen. The rest of the lads kicked on from that and contributed a further 14 goals (Monkey with 8) with a consolation goal from the Endesa thrown into the mix (the unfortunate Rocko picked up another deflection on that goal).

Great win, marred only by an over-zealous Endesa player losing his temper near the end and suffering the humiliation of ending up on the ground three times in a series of successive skirmishes with an unnamed TFK star.

That was quite facile but an entertaining climax with Rocko once more being the victim of an unprovoked assault.

Good finishing by Monkey again and the full list of scorers was Monkey x8, cesc4 x3, Gar x2, Rocko x1, Jugs x1.

christ monkey has turned into a serious goal machine.

He has alright. I remember when we first got hold of him you could see there was talent there but it was hiding behind a woeful first touch and a coward’s heart. Through some serious technical coaching and a lot of psychological prompting we have him in a good place now though.

Monkey’s finishing tonight was well worth the €5 admission fee.

Although the lack of squad numbers in the match programme ruined it for many.

Such are my feelings for the DART Green that I actually couldn’t read all of Rocko’s report - had to skip immediately to the end to get the results.

Well done lads.

Monkey surely has the Golden Astro Runner in the bag already, can see some serious tension between him and Cesc4 when the awards ceremony comes around.

Still think I have an outside chance of playing in DART Green again, with the MLS season over I’m at a bit of a loose end.

Played 9
Won 9
Drew 0
Lost 0
Goals For 89
Goals Against 8

A solid enough start to the campaign.

You’ll not win a league conceding close to a goal a game.

That goal average needs to get above 10 really. We’re bringing shame on the jersey.

I’m confident we’ll be raising the league title winning flag at our home ground in Sandymount if we can score more than 200 goals and keep the concessions to below 20.

TFK Goalscorers:
Monkey 32
cesc4 23
Rocko 14
Gar 11
Jugs 4
Fish 2
Stevie G 2
Appendage 1

Actually I put my goals down to the understanding I have developed with Rocko. I can now read how far wide his mis-hit shots are likely to go so I can position myself where defenders think there is no danger. When Rockos shots, or “assists” as he prefers to call them, fall to me I can get a free shot at goal.

My favourite part last night was their Spanish keeper walking off at the end telling all of us “he crazy, he got problem” while pointing at Rocko. This is the same keeper that conceded a goal because he decided to run off and get the spare ball behind the goal as a shot was rolling towards him.