Versus Killer Rabbits - 17/06/08

A depleted TFK line out tonight for a simple must-win match to keep our already slim…Intertoto Cup hopes alive.

Without seven of the eleven regulars it is very much a patch up job tonight but be under no illusions this will be a committed bunch.

Bandage misses his first game of the season and leaves an enormous gap in goals. He will also be a loss. Sometimes reserve keeper Farmer ‘Tuncay’ Inthecity gets his first outing in goals this season but admits that it will be very difficult to dislodge Bandage from the position full-time. ‘Ten trucks and five cranes have attempted to move him - what chance do I have?’ he was heard to remark.

Squad (Who am I kidding - team!) for tonight:

Tinnion, Smelly,
Ledge, Doyler,
cesc4 ©

I’ve read unconfirmed reports that lapsed forum member humbug might be making his TFK debut tonight after myself and cesc4 made representations to him at lunch last week in the hope of tempting him to a forum return.

Farmer, if you get lobbed in these astro goals then I will find you and batter you.

If Farmer lies on his side on the goal line with one arm and one leg in the air surely nothing will get past him??

Not only will that save all shots on target Mac it should also stop most corner kicks and goal kicks from being awarded.

Tell humbug to get his arse back on the board by the way.

Yiz are a thundering disgrace.

There’s been many, many lows playing for TFK but losing 11-3 goes straight in at number 1.

I even heard it could have been worse but one shot was fired through Farmer’s legs and it thundered off the top of crossbar and behind for a goalkick.

I must say, I’m glad I wasn’t around last night to play in or witness this disaster. I listen to people whining and going on and on about the earthquake in China and the typhoon thingy in Burma but if they want to know what a disaster really is then they should watch us play football on a Tuesday evening.

Thought it was worth pointing out that 2 guests are reading this thread at the moment!