Versus Melchester Rovers - 15/04/08

The squad has been announced:

Bandage ©, Tinnion, Jugs, Farmer, Kylo, Doyler, Lawlor.

3 points are a must and with 4 Wexford born players in the side confidence is high.

Drew 3-3 tonight.

Could have won. Could have lost.

Lawlor got 2 and might have played himself into a long term contract.

Our first came when one of their lads won a tackle on the edge of the box and the ball trickled back to their 'keeper, who promptly let the ball through his legs.

We were 1-0 down and then 2-1 and 3-2 up and it was a pity we didn’t hold out.

Funny incident after the kick-off at 3-3. We were all shouting at and blaming each other and Lawlor tipped off to Kylo, who stood there motionless looking up into the sky with the ball at his feet before one of their lads ran in and took it off his toe and legged it towards goal.

You gotta love TFK.