Versus Murexico

My last ever game in DART green. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. I just home Rocko gives a few minutes at the end to say my goodbyes.

An emotional night in store Tinnion. We’ve had our differences and I think it’s best for all concerned that you got your move, but you always had a special bond with the club and the supporters. It won’t be the same anymore.

We need to see Tinnion off with a victory.

Bandage, Farmer, Jugs, Tinnion, Fats, Rocko ©, cesc4.

Christ that was shite tonight.

Brutal alright. Still a clean sheet and a comfortable win against a top half team. Never got going though.

Nice to see cesc4 get a brace; the poor chap has been stuck on around 65 goals this season for the last couple of weeks. Fats got the third in a 3-0 victory.

I always welcome the rare treat of a clean sheet in 6-a-side though our general performance wasn’t up to much.

Played 22, Won 20, Drew 1, Lost 1.

Pretty impressive to be fair after losing the first game of the season.

They were a shower of pricks as well. One of their utterly useless lads came over to Bandage at the end and called him a prick for making top saves as that cost them the game apparently.

We played awful but they are awful.

Was the context not more a lighthearted ‘ah you prick - you had to make those saves, didn’t you?’

As opposed to actually calling me a prick.

I would have put the loaf on the cunt if it was the latter. Because I’m awfully tough.

Yeah - I tried to articulate that in my post. Not very well obviously. The facts were that your man was utterly shite.

I was picking him up from a corner in the first half. Before the corner was taken he sprinted right in towards the line, not even looking at the taker and then stood right on the line. Seemed a bit simple.

An uneventful last game. I’ll take some fond memories of assaults on referees, Stevie G receiving oxygen on the pitch, an opposition player breaking a bone, farmer throwing the ball at an opposition player and a whole lot of victories and medals with me.

Love to all.

Best regards,


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