Versus Quality FC - 27 Oct

Farcical stuff tonight. Got to the pitch in time for a full, professional warm-up (as usual) only to be informed that the refs didn’t have the key to open the box to turn the flooglights on. The game was postponed and some of us after travelling from around the country in time for it too. Just not good enough.

No update in over a month lads, whats going on in the world of tfk.coms pursuit of astro glory?

Just saw this now.

It is going shite.

We have had about 5 or 6 games in a row now at 6pm and despite the fact that it is a pain for everyone to get to it is a major disappointment that some lads are basically not even trying at this stage to make 6pm starts.

We lost 2-1 tonight. We had the bare 6. The same culprits all the time make the effort - myself, Bandage, Cesc4, Smelly and Fats. Fats Jnr was the latest ringer. It seems that if we are missing one or two of the five above then we have to forfeit as no one else seems bothered to turn up once they see the 6pm start.

It’s deeply, deeply annoying to be honest.

End of rant.

Very disappointed to read that farmer…It is a shame really

TFK astro team will never die. It will never die Farmer.

But the second goal tonight summed up the way things are going for us when some cunt scored from a give and go.

He basically rolled a lad in and darted to the back post. The first cunt drew me out and rolled it across and yer man had an open goal from about six yards out.

I legged it across the goal and yer man was so shit that he wasn’t able to simply knock it into the empty 5 or 6 yards of goal.

Instead he had a wild slash at the ball and it flew straight at me at right angles, hit me in the dick and scuttered into the goal. Like what happened the great Gary Caldwell in Aalborg.

Another crap team and another defeat.