Versus scrapheap challengers - 04/05/2010

Squad is as follows for tonight (positions in brackets):

Bandage (GK)
Rocko (CB) (capt.)
Jugs (CB)
Farmer (CB)
Fats (CB)
Smelly (CB)
Cesc4 (CF)
Tinnion (CB)

Trivia question for the fans: Interstingly, an astonishing 7 of tonights squad have been with the side since the inaugural season of 2007. Who is the player that was signed after the first season?

A 2-2 draw marred by Rocko dishing out numerous tirades of foul mouthed abuse towards the referee, one of which resulted in a well deserved yellow card. A shocking lack of discipline which, if not dealt with in the appropriate manner, threatens to derail our push for 4th place.

Rocko’s discipline was a fucking disgrace tonight. I even had cause to shout and curse at him but our golden rule is that we never go to bed on an argument so I’m pleased to confirm that we made up after the game. Goals by Rocko himself and Jugs (incredibly with his right foot). I think that was my sixth penalty save in succession tonight - I simply can’t be beaten by penalties.

A reasonable performance last night. I took a calculated risk of a sinbinning for dissent in an effort to gain marginal decisions later in the match, unfortunately things didn’t transpire quite that way. The effort and execution last night was moderate, no better.

Smelly has confirmed that it doesn’t look like a cruciate tear. He’s awaiting a full diagnosis this morning.