Versus Sophis 18/08/2009

Match build up, reports and tactical stuff only in this thread.

Keep ticket requests etc to separate threads.

Just to be alive in the era when TFK Astro FC could win a trophy is a privilege. To be there to witness it, well that’s just the stuff of dreams. To participate… well that’s just too much. Nobody could ask for that.

I’m off work next week and am sorely tempted to hop on a flight to witness this title decider.

The last time I watched a game in Dublin was the AI Final in '92.

This is much,much bigger than that.:clap:

This will be fucking epic. The Ultras have something special arranged for our boys.

It will be epic.

Is this the reason you and Bandage are not going to Glasgow ??


[quote=“thedancingbaby”]Is this the reason you and Bandage are not going to Glasgow ??


The only game of consequence next Tuesday night is vs Sophis.

Have we ever had a joint Idiot of the Month ??


You don’t work so hard for something and then toss it away because Celtic are playing some EPL mush side.

What league is this?

The league we’re going to win next week.

And what league are you going to win?

Special Olympics.

:eek: :clap:

The pressure’s starting to build but we need to embrace it and thrive on it rather than be prohibited by it. The hurling’s so shit - I’m going for a walk.

I have said it before and I will say it again…

play the game and not the occasion…

Shit reminds me I haven’t sent a motivational text today. Smelly was the only player to respond yesterday. I’d like to think others have spent the weekend mulling over exactly what Mr Lombardi meant by his statements.

Still no motivational text received and it’s nearly 20.30.


Sent now Bandage. Apologies for the delay. I was hoping people would still be mulling over yesterday’s quote.

Just received mine, it’s good but it’s not great. I presume each squad member receives a different message?

I got a Mia Hamm quote. A player I have always looked up to.

This is horseshit, I got the same quote.

How can a defender and a goal keeper be getting the same messages?