Versus The Libertines

Reserves were out tonight, minus a keeper. Managed to win 4-2, the victory was only marred by Smelly’s reluctance to command his area in the final minutes.

I was sensational in both my capacity as a goalkeeper for a period of 15 mins and as a defender for the remainder.

That’s three wins in a row for the kids. We might be on to something here.

Ah fantastic. Smelly’s a natural keeper, disappointing to hear that he didn’t put the full effort in. Who got the goals?

Not sure who got the goals, Cesc4, Gar and therock66 I think.

We’re only 2 points off fourth and six off third.

Well done lads. :clap:

Shocking memory there Tinnion.

Jugs scored a screamer from outside the area and another was an og following a laryduff whipped in line ball.

I think cesc and Gar got the others.

Both goals were scored while I was off the pitch. Ahem.

The league have given the goals to Cesc4 by the looks of it.

Just like the Title last year :stuck_out_tongue: