Versus The Van Bommels

The pre match talk has centred around the Monkey Allen Rocko bust up which has seen the top scorer in the league dropped for this match.

The squad is now down to a ‘definite six’ or a ‘risky seven’.

Looking forward to playing my first match in three weeks.

What are these Van Bommel cunts like, Farmer?

A 10-1 defeat in their last match. I expect a backlash to that tonight.

They weren’t bad tonight. The conditions were a bit of a leveller but they had a few players and gave a good account of themselves.

7-0 was a fair reflection of the match though. Ruthless up front, efficient in the middle and stingy at the back. A good second half performance in particular. What the fuck has Monkey Allen ever done anyway? Fran looks like he’s twice the player on that viewing.

Someone with better eyesight and memory might post the full scorers list yesterday. I recall Gar opening the scoring, I think Fran or Cesc4 got the second, I got one. Fran got at least two.

1-0 Gar; drilled freekick from a central position.
2-0 cesc4; sweeping move from the back involving nearly all the team, Fran with the final pass for cesc4 to slot home on the run. :clap:
3-0 cesc4; McStayesque long range pass slid through on the ground by Rocko to cesc4 in the inside left position, one touch to kill it and then curled past the keeper. :clap:
4-0 Gar; Rocko to Bandage to Fran, who flicked it around the corner to the onrushing Gar in the inside right position and Rocko’s cousin opened up his body and curled it home left footed in off the inside of the right post. :clap:
5-0 Fran; forced home a rebound, can’t remember the build up.
6-0 Rocko; picked up a loose ball on the edge of the box, quick feet to go by some cunt and then fired home.
7-0 cesc4; poked it home, can’t remember the build up.

GOALSCORERS cesc4 x 3, Gar x2, Fran x1, Rocko x1.

Kudos to my defensive linemen Jugs and Farmer for the shut out and indeed everyone for a nice job. Good second half in those conditions.

:clap: = Particularly good goal.

Agree with those as being the top 3 goals. Can remember them all now but have no idea how everyone else manages to recall who scored every goal. Anyway if I could just enhance your memory a little I’d point out:

7-0: Fran I think played it wide to Rocko on the right. Rocko took it to the byline and pulled it back to Cesc4 whose initial effort was blocked but he poked home a rebound at the near post.

Fortunately I don’t think anyone other than Fran and cesc4 were close enough to spot my open goal miss in the second half.

cesc4 keeps a list of all his goals and assists. :lol:

I always check the goalscorers with him afterwards - he tells me who scored and that’s the trigger that helps me remember the build up for most of them.

i didn’t see anything boss

if only monkey allen could tow the line like this.

Talks of a rift between myself and the gaffer are just internet rumours. I have the utmost respect for Rocko and as a youngster, he is a player I look up to and try to learn from.

If I can acheive half of what he has in is career then he will have acheived twice as much as me.



Another clean sheet for the deputy boss :clap:

Disappointing to see Fran turning into such a yes man here

Contract talks looming. Need to secure a sweet deal, Mac.