Versus Truvo Ireland

TFK Reserves continued their impressive march up the table with a comfortable 7-0 win over Truvo.

4 goals from Gar, two from Rocko and one from Smelly in a good performance. Clean sheet and seven goals is always a good return. They weren’t up to much to be fair but played some nice stuff.

Funny game last night, I thought. The opposition really were a bunch of lepers. Gar did score one of the greatest goals in TFK history though - a back flick after a swift passing move.

One of them in particular was the definition of a retard. He was wearing John Barnes type leggings under a pair of shorts. A simpleton.

Gar’s goal reminded me of Lee Sharpe’s against Barcelona (I think) back in the day. The kid’s run in the first team is obviously paying dividends.

Didn’t a certain forum member work for Truvo at one stage before taking a severe career change?

a forum member still works there

Out them.

EDIT: I’ve worked it out.

A very active member?