Vile news for Fingalians


Dublin Airport has confirmed this morning that it will proceed with plans for a new parallel runway – with the project estimated to cost as much as €320m.

The DAA, which operates Dublin and Cork airports, said the 3,110-metre long runway is expected to be complete by 2020. The project will support 1,200 jobs during construction.

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The total cost will include the new runway itself as well as ancillary facilities.

The DAA will rely on existing planning permission, rather than drafting new plans. The original planning permission was received in 2007, but the project was put on hold due to the economic downturn.


Could this news result in the relaunch of UPROAR?


Disappointing news. They should have gone ahead with Bord na Mona’s original plans for building an airport on Garryhinch Bog, near Portarlington.


Can we link this to the INTERNATIONAL Business Trips thread

The country is taking off under the Kaiser


This is fucking disgusting. Gatwick moves twice as many passengers through half as many runways. They must be laughing at poor Paddy over there, are they @Tassotti?

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Excellent news, much needed.


Gatwick is a level of hell.

Kaiser Boris will sort out London’s aviation infrastructure.


Sure Ireland isn’t a proper country at all, Gatwick can comfortably handle 55 flights an hour with one runway, the half drunk, buck toothed simpletons in Dublin Airport could never handle that kind of pressure


This isn’t about necessity, more to do about corruption, contracts, money and greed.


Flesh that out there. Outline what corruption you think is involved.


How would I know? The very nature of corruption is secret, underhand and divvied out behind closed doors. Who will prosper? That is the question. The runway is not necessary.


100% correct

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You should have also said that they would threaten to strike if they were ever asked to up their game