Vote Mick Wallace

A bit of an owl Freudian slip there from Claire when she said no collaborating evidence instead of no corroborating evidence.


Did Mick make shit of your island back in his grunt days?

Unless mbb has granite flagstones on his island or concrete kerbs for the edging, i doubt Mick would have got to do much in a kitchen for work.


I’d say he makes a mean lasagna

More used to the Borscht these days though. He ladles that shit down by the spoon.

Decent pasta alright. Gets some nice home made wine with it too.

Thank you Wexford.


fuck off, hes the south problem now. You can add in Munster and half of Leinster there for voting him in.

Munster played it safe.
We elected a guy who never went.


He’s a proper shameful Cunt

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He has @Thomas_Brady’s vote sewn up anyway.

Mick Wallace should be called Knaveheart.

Go on Mick, stick it to the cunts.

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This reflects very poorly on Wexford

Mick would be great on Joe Rogan

Reflects poorly on South Wexford

It reflects poorly on… ah fuck it. Fuck him. Its embarrassing really.


And Limerick