Vote Mick Wallace

that is all

this cunt would want to declare his NAMA liabilities right here, its been nicely sidestepped by one and all but he stated last year like a badge of honour that he wasn’t even paying interest.
what a dispicable horrible cunt that he now wants us to pay him 100k a year+ exp because he has fucked up his development business, what a prick

no doubt he will romp it home in a place like wexford

I’ve had my differences with the original poster but he knows the score now. Pity too many people are in a negative disposition currently

i think you may be placing too much importance on this site

im not aware of these differences


It’s time to let go those criticisms Wallace made of your character all those years ago.

Mick Wallace is an alright sort. :clap:

I’m quite confident he can pay back the millions he owes this country if given enough time to do so.

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Wexford is famous for 2 things

  1. Strawberryes
  2. Knackers

Mick Wallace is no strawberry

:lol: :lol: :lol: good one Kid id never hear that one before,some people are just naturally witty.

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:lol: :lol:

Ah lovely. :lol:

Great to see Mick getting people out on the street for a good old fashioned protest today about the potential cuts in SNA’s in schools.

It’ll probably be a complete waste of time but at least he’s not sitting around scratching his hole like many cynical posters here suggested he might.

Well done Mick. :clap:

Around 1:09 - Mick is apparently referring to Mary Mitchell O’Connor

Mick Wallace “…Miss Piggy has toned it down a bit today.”

Shane Ross: “Who’s that?”

Wallace: “Ms Piggy has toned it down a bit.”

Ming Flanagan: “That Mary Mitchell O’Connor one. I couldn’t remember her name on Vincent Browne.”

Ross: “Was she on with you?”

Ming: “No (indecipherable)…the one who drove off the plinth. They’d want to ban her wearing pink.”

Ross: “Ha Ha Ha. Oh yeah, that’s right. She’s nothing sensational [today] she normally wears the most garish colours (trails off)…”

You can take the man off the building site :clap:

WHAT a pair of Muppets. Ming Flanagan and Mick Wallace were caught calling a fellow TD ‘Miss Piggy’ in the Dail chamber yesterday.

The Statler and Waldorf of the Dail, plus fellow Independent Shane Ross, were having a gossip during the Order of Business and were unaware a nearby microphone was on. And obviously the new edict about suitable attire in the chamber still rankles with Ming and Mick.

For Mick, modelling one of his trademark pink shirts, was clearly heard to remark: “Miss Piggy has toned down a bit today.”

“Who’s that?” asked a bewildered Shane.

“The Mary Mitchell O’Connor one,” says Ming helpfully, “the one who drove off the plinth.”

The sniggering duo were referring to Fine Gael’s Dun Laoghaire TD (left), whose vivid outfits have added a most welcome splash of colour to Leinster House.

“Are they going to bar her from wearing pink?” muttered Mick.

How ungallant. All one can say lads is – it’s time to face the music. Or as (the one and only) Miss Piggy might say: “Hiii-yaaaaah!”

The indo have moved quickly to pin this on Mick and Ming

:lol: :lol: :lol: