Vote Mick Wallace


Has Mick come out? Good luck to him.

He’s been out as a massive arsehole for sometime

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I knew you’d be delighted. You’ve had a serious horn for him this last while.

Why the need for the gaybashing?

I have no problem with gay people, haven’t I wished ye the best.

More homophobic slurs. Unsettling. This is a mature forum now, try keep up.

Ian Dale calling out the Wexicans

What hope have we with the Wexford people and simpletons like @mikehunt

Mick’s solidarity with the people of Palestine is similar to the vast majority of Irish politicians.

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Still making excuses for the Cunt

Mick is pro Palestine. What’s the problem?

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Mick is a cunt

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Because he’s pro Palestine?

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You know what you did.

He was canvassing in Ennistymon today. Spoke to everyone by all accounts .

He was at the Cork Limerick game Saturday too