VPN help please

On the IPTV? The card sharing is fucked. Sky changed their hardware. My provider has offered me a deal for the IPTV as I only paid my subscription last month. So I was just wondering if IPTV has all the channels

The IPTV I have had all the channels.

I use the Saorview for the Irish Channels as they are justness re streaming the RTE channels from the RTE player.

I have all the USA channels so have the 3pm kick offs too

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How does the IPTV work??? What box you using??


Ive a Zgemma H2s but it will work on most devices tbh.

Android Box or Tablet. Ipad/Iphone, Smart TV etc

Anyone have a VPN that 100% works on TG4?

Try Windscribe. You have to commit to a month for 9 dollars to use the Ireland server.

If it works then you can sign up for 12 months for 49 dollars.

Have Windscribe on most my devices. Handy for betting in work on the work WiFi :grin:

I use Express VPN. Haven’t tried TG4 but can later but I’d be astonished if it didn’t work.

Yeah ExpressVPN is what I used before, but I wanted something free. Guess I’ll have to pay for it again.