VPN help please

Can any of the tech lads explain the workings of a VPN.?
I may need to ungeoblock myself if I was thinking of maybe watching the hurling.
Is this done via the router or how does it work?
I have a fire stick and kodi

Your loaded would you not just pay for gaa go?

I want Rte.
I found the Gaago stream a bit jumpy for hurling and the picture on a big telly isn’t great.
If it was as good as amazon or Netflix I’d pile in.

It’s a pain in the hole of a job tbh and I didn’t find it all that reliable quality wise

I don’t mind paying for it.
It’s looking like Gaago though tbh.

If you have a tablet you can download an app called tunnel bear. It’s cheap and v easy to allow you to change your location to Ireland for example so you can log onto rte.ie

Alternatively give some local teenager 20 quid and they will set kodi up for you

Are you not going to the match.

I am, I’m just trying to get myself organised for the summer.
The Gaago in the UK won’t show anything on sky. I have BT and can’t really bring myself to pay for sky as well. Setanta/eir/premier isn’t on the BT platform. It’s a bit of a pisser tbh.
I don’t really watch anything at all on TV bar amazon prime and gaa.

Can you not just watch what very you want with Kodi without worrying about where your IP is located? I’m nearly sure a mate of mine had live TG4 going when I was in NZ without having to feign any Irish IPs. Never used it myself.

Tg4 works fine Rte is geoblocked the cunts.

Ah right. I’ve used Tor before for this (you can specify where you want your IP to be “bounced” from) but the connection can be really hit and miss.

I found GAAGo was much better this year than last. Do Eir have any get blocking online? For Sky games surely a quiet local boozer would sort you out?

I use Scothosts VPN and it’s decent. Well it has never let me down anyway.

IPTV or something is probably the way to go though.

I read something during the week about IPTV starting to be blocked as well?

Mobdro + Chromecast. You’re welcome.

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Blocked how? The individual streams blocked or barred from devices?

At an ISP level in the UK I think. I’ll see can I find what I was reading.

I was talking to the lad who sold me the box. He told me if I go down the IP route, I’d get a minimum of three years out of it

IPTV shoukd be safe in ireland for a good while yet. The ISP in the U.K. are blocking the servers in attempt to protect the Sky football deal.

I’d a card sharing box for the past 12 months working grand until Sky pulled the plug on that.

Paying 10 pounds a month for my IPTV now. Working well so far

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Have you still access to all channels?

On IPTV or Card Sharing Box?