Warren Gatland Appreciation Thread

The knives will be out for Gatty in the Valleys. All he had to do was negotiate the world ranked 10, 9 and 8 sides to make the semi final and they make a balls of it. Wales the highest ranked side on in their quarter of the draw and they still couldn’t do it.

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Fare thee well Gats, we were blessed to have gotten to see you

He’s a real dinosaur now.

Probably cost the unions a fortune in 17 and 21 mucking up the lions tours while leaves welsh rugby in a complete mess.

Wales were desperate there against a decidedly average Argentina side.

Was a weird standard for 1/4 final. Was like when you’d play a rugby tournament over a weekend competition and you might have a couple games each day and the semi and final are on the same day. Loose as fuck, errant passing and everyone’s skill level dropped off a cliff after 20 mins.

Even the kicking was schoolboy stuff. Hoofing it down the middle or just plain hoofing it anywjheres. Kicks at the post easily kickable missed.

Odd quarter final intensity and skill wise

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Gatty a victim of his own success there, I’m fairly certain when the World Cup kicked off both Australia and Fiji were ahead of Wales in the world rankings but he managed to get an awfully average Welsh side to top the group and shoot up the rankings. They then had to play an Argentina side ahead of them in the world rankings when the World Cup started, and were it not for some poor luck with injuries he would have got them through that as well. That could be the last time Wales are competitive at a World Cup for a long time, there is only so much Gatty can do for them.


He’s some.man for the wumming. His seethe Irish rugby and his drive for its demise is palpable:

“I’ve always said from a Welsh perspective we should always have an Anglo-Welsh competition on the table.”

“For me that is not about the present, that’s about history of those clubs like Newport, Cardiff or whatever, playing teams that are close to the border in terms of Gloucester, Bath, and you’ve got Exeter now, so that goes back a long time to those traditional rivalries.”

“I feel that’s something that Wales and England, as unions, should potentially have going forward.”

“I know the impact and effect it might have on other competitions, but if we are just looking after ourselves and what would benefit Welsh rugby, there could be an Anglo-Welsh league and how that can potentially be successful for England and Wales.”

Gas man.

TBF, if he’s looking to topple the threat of a competitor nation, it’s not a bad or surprising strategy for him to push.


Would make very little difference to Ireland really.

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They’d just be getting blasted by Leicester instead of Leinster.

I wonder would they dump the provincial model if there were to be an Anglo/Welsh League?

The Welsh?

They can’t afford it. Their fans are fickle and will just complain about something else in time. It’s always the way.

The IRFU just finds a way to maximise their performance from whatever situation. The URC is a weird competition but they make the best of it. Ultimately this wouldn’t impact as there would still be a 12 team league.

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Not sure Warren Gatland is the man for this painful Wales rebuild. That was a woefully one dimensional performance even if they somehow kept the losing margin to just 2 points.

6 defeats from 7 for Gatland in the Championship
since his return. Just the one win over the perennial tournament whipping boys Italy.

They have two vital losing bonus points in fairness

They actually have 3 bonus points. They got 2 bonus points in their 1 point loss to Scotland last week as they scored 4 tries.

Everything’s coming up roses for them.


Needs Edwards back

Gatty has Wales pointed the right way, will be fascinating to see their continued development and upward curve.

It’s grim times for Welsh rugby. A wooden spoon decider last day against Italy to avoid a whitewash the big target now really for Coach Gatland.

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He’s lazy. I saw him there recently saying that the Welsh regions should go into the Prem. You rarely see him down at the Regions.

He neglected the Regions and Under 20s when the going was good. He had 30 good players and Shaun Edwards & was good for getting them up for games.

Compare that to Schmidt (who is now getting stuck into Super Rugby) or Farrell who you’ll find at any game going.

Rowntree is meant to be an agricultural coach but he gets around Munster.