Warren Gatland Appreciation Thread

Signing in. A great guy. A friend of Ireland.

All the best Gats



Proved right dropping Drico, has won multiple Grand Slams and has also reached a World Cup semi final.

What’s the story here, do the rubby set here dislike Gatty?


He was disgracefully sacked by Eire.

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What’d he do? Doesn’t he do the Lions? There’s always a good few Irish there

You’d have to take that up with @gilgamboa

Best of luck to Gatty and Wales today.


He got shafted by the IRFU so the Rubby set have taken to belittling his achievements to defend the IRFU

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Company men.

And by extension the anti Rubbies have put him on a pedestal?

A great, great man. Hope he does it today.

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Sadly I think Gats will end up on the losing side today.

Massive blow to the Oirish though with Nigel Owens not reffing.

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I see that coward Schmidt has insisted the roof not be closed. Schmidtball thrives on the shit.

Best of luck Gatty

Warrenball > Schmidtball



An outstanding rugby football man and an outstanding man, full stop.

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You are not wanted here

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A leader of men

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That’s why the irish boys couldn’t hack him. Punks.

Looks like Gatty is going to move level with Ireland on Grand Slams

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