Watch The Break

What is he doing cosying up to these cunts and encouraging them? He should be sent down with them as far as I’m concerned.

Rocko, can you please do something about these clowns? Morale on this forum is at an all time low.

Its obvious he’s playing the long con here totti, sit back, I expect something big from him.

Or else not of course.

his fawning around these turds and name dropping about some disgusting simpleton called Purcell who invented some forum for deviants in Clare that him and his cohorts claim was where the internet was invented is truly sickening…

Ill let kev do the honours if it comes to hanging this cunt, take a read of the threats of violence thread if you want to see him and his mate Puke squeal like little pigs, a spinless cunt in general who people like the Runt idolise

I was new at the time when the whole Kev incident broke out so I hadn’t a clue what was really happening. Were the culprits ever established?

I openly welcome all new members to the forum and I would remind you lot whinging, and you would do well to take heed, that this is Rocko’s forum to do with as he pleases!


Rocko is an intelligent man and will know he needs to keep his star posters happy, he’s not a multiple astro turf league winning manager without knowing the importance of keeping a happy squad. These yokels from boglands across the West of Ireland are drowning out the intelligent voices on this forum with their noncey rubbish. I’m just forwarding my concerns, opinions and suggestions on this matter.

Well go stick em up your gee, because we dont want to hear them.

I’m sure Rocko will be delighted to hear that he is intelligent though.

You and the rest of the White Walkers can fuck off. I want to be segregated and I need to be placated.

you mean sedated ?

Do any if ye lads get on at all?

Yes, we all do really.

There’s a great community spirit here pal. Any questions then give me or ChocolateMice a holler.



I’m delighted with this influx, might widen the scope of GAA talk, a few new views would be welcomed. The more the merrier.

Might put an end to these retarded wastes of Internet space discussing Roma, the over rated Aidan McGeedy etc

Rocko, i got a warning for an awful lot less than this…

We believe it was artfoley made the call but there isn’t enough proof to hang him with.