Water divining and other unexplained phenomena

Tfk needs a water divining thread.
My da was friends with the late Fr John Flanagan, a man with a well founded reputation for water divination. He famously found water for the cookstown sausage factory in …cookstown. Anyhow, he once visited when there was only myself to entertain him. I asked him about divining and he offered a demonstration- the djvining rods were actually welding rods bent at 90 degrees and mounted on two handles in such a way that they could turn as they pleased. He pointed out a few underground springs and drains here and there. He stated that there was an excellent spring in the centre of a field about a quarter of a mile away. By murmuring prayers the rods would tell him how much water was flowing per second, how deep it was to the nearest foot and how pure it was on a scale of 1 to 10. The field was once known as ‘The well field’- tans had a great imagination when it came to such matters.
The well was filled in and drained in the 80s and there was no evidence of it ever having been there.
Lately the pipe draining it burst, i spent the afternoon trying to find the source of the problem.

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Lucky he didn’t show you the Devine rod

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I used a few bits of wire in an L shape (short end loose in my hand) to varying degrees of success. Scanning up and down the yard the wires reacted in the same place even coming from different directions. They fold in on each other over the water. Its mad to see and the forces acting on the wire are a bit disconcerting at first.

Would make you aware of lay lines and the like.


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