Wayne & Coleen Rooney

Best player in world football. http://www.thefreekick.com/board/public/style_emoticons/default/apploud.gif http://www.thefreekick.com/board/public/style_emoticons/default/apploud.gif

Form wise at the moment - definitely.

Ya, he’s some man in fairness.

Bigger than Jesus! :clap:

Messi :clap:

He’s no Zlatan

Yeah thats true. Hes not overated like that guy.

you obviously didnt see Messi & his wonder hattrick today? fuckin outstanding stuff

I did see it, but I posted that earlier today.

my mistake mate -please ignore my post

Messi all the way, higher standard of league and higher calibre player. Lock this thread Dunph.

Think Rooney is at the peak of his powers now and up there with Messi and Ronaldo. Imagine that forward line on the one team. Rooney has dropped the chasing around after the ball lark and is twice the player as a result.

On the game itself just watched it there now. Fulham were decent in the first half but were powder puff up front. Zamora was bullied by Vidic. Vidic and Ferdinand back is massive for United. Fletcher was the dominant midfielder. Nani was hit and miss but a threat all the same. Thought Berbatov was man of the match. Sheer quality for the killer second goal. Was a goal threat himself today when he often isnt. Had a few decent chances. Park made a huge impact when introduced for Valencia who disappointed along with Carrick.

Stephen Kelly had his hands full with Nani but had a pretty good game I thought. He is a decent defender but can give the ball away a bit. Duff came on at half time but hardly got a kick. Murphy had a good game in midfield but their defence went to pieces when Hangeland went off. For the nordies, Baird is a limited player but was doing alright until he went back to centre back. Aaron Hughes too has improved some amount since his Villa days where he was one of the worst defenders that I can remember at Villa Park. Looking through the Fulham team there are some amount of players that have improved significantly under Hodgson. Andy Johnson probably the exception. They play some lovely touch football and rarely if ever resort to hoofing. Kevin Doyle made a very bad decision turning them down to chase scuds from the likes of Craddock and Berra. Hodgson would have improved him a lot. Incredibly bad decision in truth.


Nah too easy…





Ah no lads. No, no, no.

Rooney did it in the big game again today. Cant ask more of him. Keeps United on course for the treble.

Big game? I thought they were playing Liverpool?

whether he did or not is questionable, and whther or not it was considered a big game too is questionable.

Meanwhile, Messi keeps destroying teams for fun and scores wonder goals. As good and all Rooney is, the hype machine pushing him up to Messi is ridiculous.

I will concede that I jumped the gun in my praise of Wayne.

Let this be a lesson to all of you.