Weekend Betting

Post away here.
I’m going for Cork to beat the spread against KK; +8 evens

Also, Rocko if your there, what about The Gold Coast v Parametta this morning in NRL, i know fuck all about these teams, but i’ve been doing very well recently in over/unders in rugby union by just watching the stats. I fancy under 36 points in total and Titans to win. What you think?

Parametta 12-0 up, Titans are good for the comebacks in recent times by all accounts.

Went for Harrington and Garcia e/w in the US golf. Both need to make a push for the Ryder Cup team now.

Titans winning 22-12 with time nearly up. :smiley: Got them +8 at 12-0 down, and took a punt on -8. Happy days if it comes in.

Haven’t done NRL betting in a few weeks Kev. Still like a bet on a Saturday morning but I prefer looking at the table and doing them in-running when you can see shape of the game. Look who is making easy yards and back them, particularly if they’re falling behind. It’s all about getting yards on the tackle.

Good betting there - I find NRL and Superleague have an awful lot of comebacks, it’s easy enough to fall behind to a try - much easier than rugby union say, when you’re the better team.

Your right, i’ve seen it happen a few times. I had free time this morning so watched alot of it. They were 12-0 down but looked the more complete team, and i honestly know little of it. But they won 35-12 in the end. I kinda enjoyed winning though on purely watching stats, which has happened for me in the NZ Cup in rugby.

Here Kev you’ll like this. Some real cutting edge analysis and reasoning here, clearly alot of thought gone into his selections.


Thats me dunph, i’m really from Malahide.

Think he’s Peter Sweeney a Brigid’s of Blanchardstown man.

Did any of ye ever do that ‘matched betting’ thing? Apparently you can make hundreds handy enough doing it?

Lot of work gola is it?

Yankees to beat Red Sox tonight is decent right now, 6/4 is as good as it will get, RS 1-0 now

Don’t know but seems a risk free enough way to make a few quid?
I’m sure a few of the lads will be along to poo-poo it though, which is what I’m hoping for so I’ll have an excuse not to put in the effort doing it.

he must be one of those letsclose “selections w/o reasoning dullards”
i hate that type of predicting, “are great rivals”, “always push them close”, “not tested yet”.
almost as bad as KIB man’s famous prediction of “maybe lay Wigan” in a thread last season.

personally ill be on the cork +8 myself, primarily for all the reasons outlined above and also because i am from cork which is a big factor in how i think the game will pan out.

in other news i think Zoffany could turn over Hughes and Hannon in the curragh on sunday,
more detailed analysis to come.

also for rover and bohs id advise the follwing on sunday

1.under 2.5 goals at 8-11 NAP - reasoning see previous data from these clashes
2,i dont beleive the BSC will loose, this is a huge game for them as they basically MUST win the league after the TNS episolde, LAY Rovers
3. a 0/0 draw and a 1/1 draw at 6-1 are each decent punts also

ill be backing the 4 options above

I’m with you on this mickee, while tradition plays some bit of a part, yer man is just churning out soundbites. I’m basing my +8 on Cork having a plan, a dummy team and KK not being totally full strength.

I won a nice treble tonight in LOI, which i really wouldn’t be on top of these days; Sligo, Fingal, Pats; all came in, happy days.

“maybe lay Wigan”

What are the odds for the East Cork Junior A quarters tomorrow Kev… :unsure:

books would hardly do junior Turrene…
ill be backing cobh for 2011 ante post tho if available

when any of ye tards NAP 5 above evens in a row and collect, come back to me :rolleyes:

Think there should be plenty points in this Tri N game. Only concern is the expected rain but that doesnt normally bother the AB too much. AB are in there normal season before WC form. Should be a decent game

Few standout bets here

4.5 trys + is 11/10 NAP
Small nibble at 50+ pts at 15/8
Carter to score a try anytime 10/3
Yellow Card in game 4/7

Good calls dan. They are looking good. Backed OZ plus 14 and over 48 points myself. Great start to the game anyway.

FFS those two bets were odds on after 15 mins, the try one was prob 1/20!

Oz putting up big show here though in fairness

ill be backing boro to beat ipswich today