Weird News Stories






The greasy little wop bastard did well for himself.


Is this not a little odder from the same page?



More Tyrone deviancy




David Walsh has a weird story about a feud between Vincent’s club men Shane Dalton and Eamonn Heery. Heery sounds like an awful cunt


The same David Walsh who said in one of his books that Tom Humphries was both a fine journalist and a ‘fine man’


Heery is sound enough, not one to suffer fools gladly


I read this . The man who chased Lance is now running a story on a grudge from Vins training session . There is surely a book in this Fagan ?


What’s the gist of the fall out?


Seems a club training session back in the nineties . That said we are getting Dalton’s side , we need Heary’s side and then we need the truth .


Your man Dalton comes across as a bit of a creep in the article, especially the stuff about being pals with Heery’s father and the sad “poor little me” photo of him


Surely written before the revelations??


There were homophobic undertones to the ‘assault’, that really weren’t explored properly by David.


Just reading this over my lunch. Heery called him a “lonely queer cunt”. That seems to be about it on the homophobic side of things