Welcome @Dziekanowski to the forum

Site was actually decent last few weeks with Sidney banned. Can he please be banned again?

He’s running three accounts at the moment and even replying to himself.

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You liked your own post today from one of your other account’s, you weirdo…


No. The country needs strong leadership at this critical time


I logged into the wrong account on my computer that’s all. I couldn’t find the thread when I looked on my phone as my avatar wasn’t showing up. It was a simple mistake that’s really upset you.


Who’s @Perez2017?

He joined the site for IPTV … dont know much else about him.

It was a post deserving of likes, you should give it a like yourself if you give a shit about women’s health.

It’s fascinating that the same cunts who blamed the government for clinical fuck ups on cervical cancer tests are now defending a stupid cunt who opposes the vaccine that prevents cervical cancer.

You couldn’t make it up.


Imagine some lad no one ever heard of starting a thread calling for a forum stalwart, who doesn’t post here any more, to be banned. These millennials don’t know they are born.

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Who’s standing up for anyone? Stop following me around with your nonsense please — you’ve about 20 replies to me over the last couple of days with nothing but diddy in them.

It’s simple lads, Sid is the coming force. His new alias, @Dziekanowski is riding high on tfk after a sterling performance in the election, just like SF. He is emboldened. @Bandage and @Rocko are FFG, the old powers that be, clinging onto TFK power for all its worth. They simply can’t silence Sid again (unless he tries kneecapping @artfoley again).


A “forum stalwart” who joked about a poster dealing with his wife’s cancer, threatened to contact the same poster’s employer, took controversial posts from here and sent them to journalists, which could lead to prosecutions under the proposed hate speech legislation proposed by your government. A lovely lad.

Cunts like you encourage this behavior.


You incessant nonsense needs to be challenged.

He was banned. People have gotten away with less. That’s how it goes I suppose. This thread from the new guy is bizarre though.

The new guy? He’s here over 2 years FFS

Says mr kettle.

I’m the voice of reason pal.

Mr. Kettle may like pot, but he doesn’t like black.

I have fielded several requests to ban new poster @Dziekanowski. One prominent poster suggested banning him at 9.59pm last Saturday night, just before the election exit poll was released. That was a great shout in fairness and would have been pretty funny. But I didn’t find any valid reason to ban the new poster and felt his election musings were very considered.