Welcome Home

To the one and only @RaymondCrotty :ronnyroar:

There’s an emotional reunion today involving Ray and @Rocko and @Funtime

I imagine there will be plenty of hugs and possibly a few tears.

Welcome home Raymondo


Its been a long few years. See you on thursday Raymond

All welcome at Funtime villas this afternoon, the first hour or so is usually ray lecturing others on western greed and the evils of globalisation, after that he mellows out and is reasonably good company, so I’d wait till the lauding of the Khmer Rouge abates and then drop over.


None of my business,but I’ll give that a like. I’m sitting in the car in the states having just done 40 mins in the pool in an effort to train for Galway bay before getting out in boredom. I’m feeling homesick for Ireland for some reason. I spent twenty minutes in the pool trying to work out how I could make a move home work, and I couldn’t.


Thanks db. Back in Cambodia now about to take a nap before Irish game. Trip back to Ireland was good.