Welcome Marty

I’d like to take this oppurtunity to Welcome Marty McFly to our time.

It was July 06 2010 when he arrived in the future.


Oh no Julio no…

Total Film to blame…

Seems Julio was caught :lol:

Careful now Julio

MOVIE buffs got a kick overnight when it was revealed they were living in the future imagined by one of their favourite films.

Yesterday’s calendar date — July 5, 2010 — was said to be the target entered by Dr Emmett “Doc” Brown into the DeLorean time machine in Back to the Future.

The revelation was enough to make the film’s title a trending topic on Twitter and one of the most searched-for phrases on Google.

The only problem was that the date was wrong. July 5, 2010 does not appear in any of the Back to the Future films.

The Daily What blog broke the news, with the headline “Fake Fakery Of The Day”, by showing a compilation of all the dates entered into the DeLorean.

Rather than a deliberate hoax, the false date appears to be the product of a mistake by staff at a film magazine in the UK.

Someone at Total Film last night posted to Twitter that the date was “Future Day”.

“Great Scott! It’s Future Day! In Back to the Future, Doc Brown sets the time circuits for 25yrs in the future… that day is today!,” wrote @totalfilm.

About four hours later, the magazine seemed to realise its mistake and posted a sarcastic update about it.

“Many of you don’t believe 5/7/10 is mentioned in Back to the Future. So here’s proof we totally didn’t Photoshop,” it said.

It linked to what looked like a screenshot from the film, showing the DeLorean time control panel with the date July 5, 2010.

But underneath, the caption read: “We got it wrong. Apparently 5th July 2010 isn’t mentioned in Back to the Future. So we went back and changed it…”

In other words, the image was digitally altered to show that date.

That means film fans will have to wait another few years for the next suitable “Future Day”, on October 21, 2015.

That’s the day the main characters find themselves on at the beginning of the second film.

However disappointed Back to the Future fans can still celebrate something about July 5.

That day is the birthday of actress Claudia Wells, who played Marty McFly’s girlfriend Jennifer Parker in the first film.

Wells was replaced by Elisabeth Shue in the second two films.

This past weekend also marked the film’s 25th anniversary. It was released in the US on July 3, 1985.

Ah I’m gutted now.

I was gutted too. But I googled before posting. There’s a lesson in this somewhere. Anyone want to point it out? :huh:

Any excuse to rewatch em will do for me.

Where we are going we won’t need roads.

They must have been coming to NZ by the sound of that :smiley:

Fuck off Marty

Some trivia for ye lads.

Michael J. Fox was the first choice to play Marty McFly, but he was committed to the show Family Ties. Family Ties producer Gary David Goldberg felt that Fox was essential to the show’s success. Back to the Future was scheduled for May 1985 and it was late 1984 when it was learned that Fox would be unable to star in the film. Zemeckis’ next two choices were C. Thomas Howell and Eric Stoltz, the latter of whom impressed the producers enough with his portrayal of Roy L. Dennis in Mask – which had yet to be released – that they selected him to play Marty McFly. Because of the difficult casting process, the start date was pushed back twice.

Four weeks into filming, Zemeckis decided Stoltz was miscast. Although he and Spielberg realized reshooting the film would add $3 million to the $14 million budget, they decided to recast. Spielberg explained Zemeckis felt Stoltz was too humorless and gave a “terrifically dramatic performance”. Gale further explained they felt Stoltz was simply acting out the role, whereas Fox himself had a personality like Marty McFly. He felt Stoltz was uncomfortable riding a skateboard, whereas Fox was not. Stoltz confessed to director Peter Bogdanovich during a phone call, two weeks into the shoot, that he was unsure of Zemeckis and Gale’s direction, and concurred that he was wrong for the role.

Eventually they got Fox.

Another bit of trivia. Teen Wolf was actually recorded before Back to the Future but not released until after Back to the Future. Teen Wolf in itself is a seriously medicore movie but went on to do extremely well at the Box Office due to Fox’s popularity from Back to the Future.

Empire Movie Mag did a good look back over BTTF a while ago. They touched on this. Spielberg and Zemeckis were pretty gutted for Stolz. The film was the making of Zemeckis who had Spielberg to thank for getting him the gig after a few flops and was close to being turfed out.

Yer man who played Marty’s dad was meant to be some prick, Crispin Glover I think was his name. Was meant to appear in the sequels, but disappeared so far up his own hole, they told him to get lost. They had planned on recasting, but he went and sued them claiming likeness infringements. He just ended up being wrote out of the sequels.

Incidentally he was in another film I watched recently, Hot Tub Time Machine, bananas film but very enjoyable I thought.

Pretentious drivel :stuck_out_tongue:

I never denied I was pretentious :smiley:


He was the head off matthew modine if I remember correctly?

Same thing happened with Clemenza in Godfather 2. The actor who played him thought he was marlon Brando all of a sudden and just couldn’t be used for the film. It would have been even better if the Frank Pantangeli character had been Clemenza but cest la vie


The time machine was originally planned to be a fridge too I remember reading somewhere