Welcome to TFK


I’ve gone to so much trouble bandage. I think ye’d like me around here. Ye need fresh blood too…


I was only allowed post 23 times yesterday. How many times can i post today?

It’s cold oul weather, ye wouldn’t leave me homeless?! Take me to the lounge! No more posting now. Cow calving…


Didn’t know the forum had a New York office… I thought maybe one in Kitimagh :wink:


I’ve sent that video to a Fake Facebook account you scallywag. :rage:


It’s not fake. I’ll send you again Harry.


Hello SmokinJoe, welcome to tfk.


Thank you very much. You’re a decent Christian gentleman. May you have the life of Riley and a large funeral.


Lol :grin: You seem like a pleasant upbeat fellow. I foresee you as a great stalwart here on this forum for years to come.


Thanks very much! I still haven’t got into the lounge but shur i’ll have a drink in the bar!


Exclamations? Quit that shit.

That Willie Hyland dig was uncalled for you prick.


Never mind that lounge bullshit, there is no lounge. Two decent posters here are Ironmike and Flattythehurler, the rest are totally bonkers but a good laugh all the same.


Are you high?


We’re related, Dickhead.


No mate I’m not high, are you high?


Nothing surprises me with harry.


What the fuck is happening to this place @Bandage




This is strange even for here


Did you try slipping your finger up your hole mate?


I wouldn’t have the hamstrings for to get it down there mate.

Are you the chap whom the boys have found the Facebook page of? Or is that someone else?