Welcome to TFK


Welcome to TFK.

TFK prides itself on our hospitable attitude, our informed and reasoned discussions on matters sporting and cultural and our ability to see past personal differences in the interests of the greater good.

Feel free to sign up, to post and to improve TFK by posting here, not by complaining about us on twitter or other forums.


have you seen Bayern vs. HSV… not a great game at all. I looked at the videos I posted last time and saw that they have different episodes. All of them are pretty funny. I also saw that you can win a trip to Germany and watch Bayern vs. Dortmund. Im never lucky enough but I will still try… you never know, right?:slight_smile: http://www.bundesliga.com/en/fanzone/mostexcitingexport/


“Bundesliga Promo Team” just released another video!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Est-FBvzxpA&index=5&list=PL3uJGozO1imdggKAn6D7gJcm2jxeAlAp_


Dave x2, will you ever fuck off and die? You cunt.


Just because the proposal didn’t go well is no reason to be lashing out at new posters around here




Abbreviation for the Cantonese slang “ta fei kei”, which literally translates to ‘beating the aeroplane’.

A slang for masturbation.
He likes to TFK in the mornings.


Worrying times for tip, they were the only team that wanted to win the league and they were annihilated by a second division team.

Today again tip shipped a bad beating.

Questions around the manager and panel.


Tell us about yourself @Directoroffootball
What county man are you? How many points did you get in the Leaving Cert? @mac will be along shortly with the rest of your onboarding documents.


Someone should throw up a poll to guess who he is. Contenders are kid chocolate / Steven Naismith / maroon and tampon.


@Kid_Chocolate will never darken these doors again.
I find it hard to believe that anyone would have multiple user accounts, that would be outrageous, surely there are no aliases (is that the correct plural of alias?) on TFK?
Other than all of @mac 's


That’s a nice Project …


He uses far too many words to be ProjextX.


The tip line was a giveaway.




Thanks for the “New user of the Month” award folks.


Thanks for the lovely warm welcome everyone.


Welcome, mate.

You’re making a very bold attempt to smash the quickest 100 posts record.

Think I’ll increase the required post count for members’ lounge access to 1,000 in the wake of this rank cynicism.


Great moderating.


In the wake of though? :slight_smile:

Now in fairness i’ve posted some usefull stuff. Check out the weather thread. Also plenty of history. You’d like me in the lounge :slight_smile: