Well Paid Pat Spillane

Leinster Rugby was again in the news last weekend. There was no happy ending to their season as they lost to the Ospreys in a bad tempered Pro12 final which featured a half time tunnel bust up.

I expected banner headlines in the papers the next day condemning the behaviour, while Liveline would be flooded with irate callers, because that would be the norm if there was a similar incident in even a run-of-the-mill GAA game.

However it scarcely merited a mention in the papers. Even Joe Duffy fell silent. Sadly this is what modern Ireland is about - spin, PR and controlling the story


Nothing wrong with beating a load of Welsh cunts up.

What Pat forgets is that with his cliched and constant negativity towards modern Gaelic Football in comparison to the mythical golden age in which he played, he is one the main contributors to what he rails against.

I agree with him nevertheless.

the gga got a lot of negative publicity the lASt few months because
Refs get attacked
fans attacked players
The leading underage coach raped some children

He’s just laid this to bed as I type.

Pat Spillane can’t be this much of a cunt in real life. Can he?

That’s a good idea actually. Then the more affluent counties like Longford and Leitrim would be able to buy Diarmuid Connolly and the like.

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The county idea is already done in hurling and the World hasn’t ended.
The club idea is just stupid and unworkable. It wouldn’t be the weak transferring to weak clubs it’d be the strong transferring to strong clubs.

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Pat wasn’t worried about unbridgeable chasms when Kerry were sweeping all before them. Maybe there’s a fat midget lurking somewhere down the sticks who will stop Dublin winning 5 in a row.



Martin Breheny will surely cobble together an article out of this.

It wasn’t his job to worry about unbridgable chasms, it was his job to hoover up All Ireland titles. Which he did quite well tbf.

So Dublin now is an unbridgeable chasm while his 8 All Ireland Kerry team wasn’t?

That wasn’t what I said bro. I was responding to Matthews assertion that Pat wasn’t worried about unbridgable chasms while playing. It would be the opinion of any right minded thinker, that it would be strange for a player to care about how far off opposition teams are, while still playing. The reason Pat wasn’t worried was because he was chalking up honour after honour in the game. Same reason I doubt Philip McMahon is all that worried about a chasm now.

To answer you addendum, history has shown that the Kerry chasm was indeed bridgable, due to them being a one off generation. For all the reasons that have been outlined at length on this forum, Dublin is a different beast, a different shark if you will.

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My main point is the ridiculousness of Spillane talking about an unbridgeable chasm with Dublin when his Kerry team dominated for 11 years and the chasm was bridged.

As you say this point has probably been spoken to death but Dublin still have a bit to go to match Kerry’s achievements back then to even speak about unbridgeable chasms.

Dublins team has already evolved far more than Kerrys of that time you’d argue, allied to their structures and obvious natural advantages, its not unfathomable that the chasm will grow. Granted, I’m just going off the headline as I’d rip my own arm off before I’d read an article by Pat. Time will tell, but I know which side I’d be on. It would be a travesty on Dublins behalf if they werent to win 5 All Irelands a decade going forward.

In 5 or ten years time we’ll look back at talk of this Dublin team as an unstoppable behemoth and laugh. Similar to how KK would dominate forever. Dublin have raised the bar and others will rise to meet it, and they themselves will slip.


Kilkenny didn’t/don’t have Dublin’s natural advantage.