West Ham fans are seething

according to the Irish Times :smiley:

Anything in paricular that has them this way or is it just the usual mindset of the fans?

Frank Lampard would make anyone seethe.

cos he is scum

I’m not sure I’d refer to him as scum.

why not?

Because I don’t see how he is scum. Dumb as fuck and an asshole, but scum? Nah.

Lampard is by no means the worst of them.

And he is an excellent player.

back to the question in hand, why are west ham fans seething?

He’s actually quite an articulate chap, and supposidly has an IQ over 150, but thats from Wiki, so you can’t be 100% on that. I was impressed with his phone up last week anyway.
He is an overpaid footballer though.
I think the referral to scum is about that same radio show last week MBB, where the host called him scum before he rang in.

Ah I see. Still not scum, and I detest the wee fooker.

His ex missus has fine baps though.

Terry & Lampard celebrated down the home end after the goal on Saturday, got a few missiles chucked their way. The two of them got a good bit of stick from the home fans. Terry’s family are Irons fans supposedly (even though I remember reading himself and his oul lad are United fans) and they stayed away. Good old fashioned venom, can’t beat it.

Yea, Terrys family stayed away cos there was something about his auld wan going to get fooklods of abuse for the thieving bit she was caught at recently. So Terry felt it was ok to give a lil back on Saturday, which is fair enough I guess. They’re all as bad as each other really.

Nail on head.

Cunts that visit down East End way:

Paul Ince
Fat Frank
Paul Ince





Was trying to think of who else. Defoe, yeah, transferhandinginthedayafterwegetrelegated cunt if ever you saw one. Bellend, the money chasing tatted taff is also a cunt, but his karma is in all the injuries he gets.

Poor oul Defoes brother was killed in some ghetto knifefight in London a few days ago according to the Indo Yeasterday.

Yeah I read that, poor bastard