What am I doing to stop Climate change

Ok guys, lets list what changes we are introducing into our lives to stop climate change

My two commitments to the forum are:

Ill never eat beef again

I will carbon offset all flights I take from now on which is killer financially but needs to be done


This thread is for people to share ideas or advocate

Burning shitty nappies out on the green instead of binning them.

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reusable nappies should save you a fortune

great idea

How much water will be used washing / boiling the shit out of them?

Easier to burn them.

your wife will make the decision mate

She wont be employing reusable nappies, that’s for sure.

We’ve made a conscious decision to keep the aircon around the 22C mark in summer, instead of the 18 or 19 Mrs Nwoko persisted with last year.

I’ve also gone vegan 2 days a week.

Together we can make a difference.


great stuff

we all have our part to play

I’m letting Australia act as a buffer and burn to the ground… I think that’s the best thing most of us can do.

Its 28 degrees in our place mate, or its not on.

28 would be too hot for me.

I have foregone aircon entirely. I open a window when necessary



Had them open there earlier when it got too hot from the heating.


I installed air to water. I’ve done my bit.

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I’m not going to eat meat this evening for my dinner. At least I don’t think I will.

I have not bought a new pair of jeans in nearly two years, such is the damage that the production of them is doing to our planet.

I’ll be reducing cattle methane production- by ating said cattle


I’ll only fly private over long haul distances.