What aussies think of the Oirish spudpickers

speaking to a good few aussies over the last few days & im glad to say they would all love to come to my home country for a trip- most of them see it as a must see destinatiuon before they die- i suppose thats the pull of the coliseum & st peters etc

i then spoke about the foggy old potato patch beside britain & they had some very perceptive views on it- it seems that the graham geraghty affair & the way the gga made him a poster boy for themselves after his racist abuse to a young indigeneous australian has turned them off Ireland to a certain degree- luckily for us on the eastern seaboard they realise only rednecks in Oireland associate themselves with that sport & him so we arent all tarred with the same brush- the other thing they find strange is that a leading Irish rugby player is courting a female rogbee player- in fairness that is odd

fisty- did the payer geraghty abuse give up after the shameful incident?

Take it easy on the grog mate, Strewth!!!

Never have I seen one man work so hard to make himself relevant on a forum! There’s no coming back from the April Fools however! A truly wonderful fuck up.

I was thinking the same thing. He’s slowly turning into Art Foley. Lots of anger but no substance and just rehashing the same old rubbish over and over again.

Cringe worthy http://www.forumsextreme.com/images/sEm_blush4.gif