What Climate Crisis?


Welcome to last week.


What a fucking moron

I agree with this randomer


He leases the farm out to a big dairy farmer, tax free income

He doesnt



Darwin is one of us.

maybe they might stop their flights to Newcastle etc

I bet hes trying his best, but the club is rotten.


His mother was an outstanding member of the IFA.

Must be turning in her grave with how the flute turned out.

I see the IFA are up in arms about so much rain and looking for handouts again

And still the penny hasnt dropped

This is about what a prick gibbons is.

Do keep up.

If there was rosettes for being a prick he’d clean up.

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Raking it in

500 cows on the farm, stocked to the balls and hardly a hedgerow in sight.

If he had any conviction, then the place would be left wild.

Its not his farm

Having a right meltdown cause the folks figured out he’s a bad one and can’t get his paws on the filthy lucre.

Colossal chips on both shoulders the cunt😁

There’s a thread for this.