What Climate Crisis?

When push came to shove and you had a chance to make a stand you baulked and refused to make a climate based stand and suffer any personal sacrifice.

You have wrought extreme droughts and extreme precipitation on third world country populations on the back of your Taylor merch.

So they’re not sure

More stuff to damage, innit


Please God we see a bit of this before the “summer” is out.

Eamon Ryan should fly over and help them out

Well there’s no extreme heat in Ireland. The irish climate extemists will confirm that all relates to climate change…

Pauline off on a mad one again.


Can you debunk her point

She’ll be ok


Good to see Eamon wasnt in ireland for june. Was like November

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Why is he saying we got the short straw? Surely the cool weather, while at times frustrating, is far better than intense heat?


Not overly sure tbh.

Not if you wanna go camping on achill…

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Lols. The hole point.

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Some feat

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