What do you do?

When you have left your phone charging at the bar to go to the jacks and you return to find a lad who you know is gay trying to guess the passcode into your phone?

Give him a hug.

Make sure to plug the charger out?

I’d punch Clarkey in the face.
not sure what I’d do if you sang out of tune though.

Homophobic cunt.

Up the Ra!

What would you do if he wasnt gay farmer?

That’s not the question I asked.

Ask him what he’s doing

That’s the last time I try Farmer’s passcode.

Number 1 rule with the gays… They’ll try to distract you.


Shove the charger up his arse, Bandage

“Farmer renounces his origins” post here. Leaves a phone to charge in a public house FFS.

I meant Farmer of course :slight_smile:

All I can do is laugh at that.

RA members can do that.

What would you do if he wasn’t gay?

Ask him what he is doing?

Break up with him.

Chicken out of asking wtf he is at and instead ask random strangers on a forum full of the oddest cunts in the country for advice, despite knowing that the vast bulk of the suggestions wil involve violence

Ah ask him for your phone back