What is the worst run of luck you know of?

There a girl I know, indeed a lovely girl, who lost both parents in the space of six months last year. She returned home then to spend time with her brother in the family home in Ballinasloe and then the family home got completely flooded in the floods there and they had to move in with her auntie. On top of that the insurance co were loath to pay out as the cover was in her dead parents names.(This matter is still ongoing Im led to believe). So she booked a well deserved month off to get over all of this and planned an extended vacation in Ausralia which she was due to leave for last Wednesday or Thursday and guess what?, a volcano erupts in Iceland and suddenly all flights in Europe are cancelled and she spends the day grounded in Dublin Airport. She has since spent her time being told one thing and then another and has just given up at this stage and spent her day today trying to air out a damp sofa back in Ballinasloe(prize for whoever comes with a witty retort about how bad luck and being from Ballinasloe go hand in hand) Im struggling to think of a worse run of luck I’ve heard about.