What is your Xmas wish


That you’d fuck off, you fucking fool.


What do forum members think would be the Christmas wish of other forum members?

@Gary_Birtles_Lovechi - the extermination of the traveller race
@ChocolateMice - the canonisation of Tom Brady
@dodgy_keeper - the bankruptcy of Munster Rugby/massive stadium fire
@flattythehurdler - the safe arrival of his motor


I wonder what batt the lad would like.

PMU to walk into traffic.

@ChocolateMice For @maroonandwhite to stop making him cry.

That people would write Christmas instead of X mas. Drives me fucking nuts.


I can.Can you?

not you pall @Elvis_Brandenberg_Kr

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You replied to me not Elvis

Travellers are not a race. If they were, they’d be a fucking slow one.


I’m with you on this bud. Plenty of shit with then, zero respect think they rule the roost. I’ve had plenty of run ins with the cunts and they just need to be stood up to and told they are not higher (or lower) than us. They would take advantage, that’s the scum about them. ‘nail em up I say’. This is all our country and stop acting like they are number 1 and what they say goes. Cunts the majority of them

Ah lads not after they year they had

More of the same in 2016 hopefully

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Jesus, but you’re some horrible cunt in fairness. I hope you catch a prolonged dose of explosive diarrhea in 2016.

Even though you post that about five times a week for the last few months, I laugh every single time. :clap:

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would we have him any other way

I would maintain that travellers are far more horrible.

When I do catch that dose of diarrhoea , I’ll come shit in your car seat :+1:

Happy Christmas @Joe_Player