What product or brand is the best personification of the members of this board

Rustlers? FHM?

Ah get the fuck will ya.

piss off

ah come on now TTB, you can’t put us all in the same demographic, but I’d say ritallin would be a good brand:D:D

The Clone Wars.

AIG:mad: or unicef:clap:


Rohypnol maybe.

8 views, 7 replies. Go me.

The sour fruit pastilles.

Hooter’s or something.

Fuck off .


Lil-lets I’d say.

Who said fuck off there. Which clone?


Shan, it’s hardly a surprise to see regulars telling this cunt to ‘fook off’ after his thickly veiled initial comment.

Had the avatar though to tell who said it. Now a lot have changed to Barca its hard to tell one from the other. Farmer you know straight away that its him. Cant remember a different avatar from him ever except a Christmas variation on his current one.

Edit: Farmer you sellout. I didnt think you would buy into the bullshit.

Irish produce and hints aplenty!

Marmite…not to everyone’s taste…